Be Still and Know

Heavy creaking in the ceiling above my head jolted my sleep-numbed mind into consciousness. My eyes flew open to darkness. What is that noise? Where am I?“Everybody out! This is a big one!” someone behind me yelled. That was all it took. I blindly fumbled for my flashlight, always near my head for emergencies like […]




Matthias Grünewald’s “Crucifixion” altarpiece sits in the front of a hospital chapel in the town of Isenheim, in the eastern part of France. It is large compared to the small size of the room. Edges reach practically to the walls. The painting commands the attention of the viewer, forcing you to look nowhere but Christ […]


これはイタリアの画家、マサッチオ(Masaccio)によって描かれた『聖三位一体』(“The Holy Trinity”)である。父なる神は中央に位置している。子なる神イエス・キリストは十字架にかけられている。聖霊なる神は鳩のように2人の間に降りて来る。