Love Bird

October 11, 2020 - Roger W. Lowther

What a crazy year! There have been many jokes about 2020 giving us anything but a 2020 vision for the future. I am a musician and had a lot of plans for performing and recording that have not been able to happen. I could, of course, keep practicing, but music loses a lot of its appeal when there is no way to play for anyone. As a missionary, I constantly ask the question: What is most helpful for church-planting? How can I best use my creativity?

During COVID-19, that has meant a change in least temporarily. Rather than practicing, I have been writing. Community Arts Tokyo opened a publishing branch called Community Arts Media. We are publishing two of my books this fall, Aroma of Beauty and Pippy the Piano and the Very Big Wave, and two or three more next year which I've been writing during this time. We also plan to publish books by Japanese authors and music albums.

Another privilege I've had during this time is to be on the book launches of many other authors. One of those book launches happened this weekend!

Love Bird, Book 1 in the Fruit Fables series, is a story about how misunderstanding causes problems in relationships (something we know a lot about in Japan!). However, when you put the relationship first, rather than any agendas you may have, love will conquer all! The illustrations are beautiful and funny, and the book is short, perfect for any bed-time story for your children!

If you are interesting in buying the book, you can follow my affiliate links below (and then I get a little something as well!).



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