Matthias Grünewald’s “Crucifixion” altarpiece sits in the front of a hospital chapel in the town of Isenheim, in the eastern part of France. It is large compared to the small size of the room. Edges reach practically to the walls. The painting commands the attention of the viewer, forcing you to look nowhere but Christ […]


これはイタリアの画家、マサッチオ(Masaccio)によって描かれた『聖三位一体』(“The Holy Trinity”)である。父なる神は中央に位置している。子なる神イエス・キリストは十字架にかけられている。聖霊なる神は鳩のように2人の間に降りて来る。

An Era of Beautiful Harmony

May 1st marks Crown Prince Naruhito’s ascension to the Japanese throne to become the 126th emperor of the world’s oldest monarchy and the start of 令和 (“Reiwa”). The name for this new Reiwa era was announced on April 1st. The term Reiwa comes from Japan’s oldest collection of poetry, dating from the eighth century, called […]

Arts, Missions, and the Alamo

Driving west as a family across the United States, we decided to visit The Alamo, one of America’s most famous stories of courage in the face of impossible odds and certain death. Sam Houston called out “Remember the Alamo!” in a battle afterwards, which eventually led to the annexation of the state of Texas in […]

Dr. King, Gospel Music & Creative Suffering

Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated in Memphis fifty years ago on April 4, 1968. On that same day this year, MLK50 events celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. King took place all over the city. You could feel the excitement in the air, reinforced by police escorts zipping famous people around the city, blocked-off streets, and a lot of security. All month long, we as a city have been talking about Dr. King in social media, schools, churches, and around dinner tables …